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Paulie Gee
  - Lead
George Granarolo
  - Baritone
Jerry DelGiorno
  - 2nd Tenor
Joe Morelli
  - 1st Tenor
Joe Gugliotta
  - Bass

The original CLUSTERS were formed in 1957. The group consisted of Charlie Scardina (lead), Tommy Mordente (first tenor), Donnie Milo (second tenor), Henrey (Rico) Ferro (baritone) and Joe Gugliotta (bass). All members were between 15 & 17 yrs. old out of Brooklyn, New York.

In April of 1958, the CLUSTERS recorded "Darling Can't You Tell" and "Pardon My Heart". The record was released on the Tee Gee record label and became a New York hit. It also reached #10 on the Billboard charts. The group appeared on the Alan Freed Big Beat TV show and Ted Steeles show at the Paramount Theater with Frankie Avalon, Bobby Darin, The Big Bopper, Clyde McPhatter and others. The Clusters reformed again in the 90's with new members and cut a CD called The Clusters 2000. The group then broke up and bass singer Joe Gugliotta joined the acappella group Second Time Around.

In January of 2003, the members of Second Time Around decided to reform the CLUSTERS with original Clusters bass, Joe Gugliotta. The "new" CLUSTERS are, Paulie Gee (lead), Joe Morelli (first tenor), Jerry DelGiorno (second tenor), George Granorola (baritone), and Joe Gugliotta (bass).

The CLUSTERS are available for private parties, corporate function, fundrasiers and other events where quality entertainment is desired.

For more information, check their web site - Clusters

To contact the Clusters, please call Paulie at 631-226-5625 They also can be contacted via EMAIL


Johnny Maestro
Fred Ferrara
Les Cauchi
Jim Rosica
Lou Agiesta
Ed Lisciandro
Marty D'Amico
Jim Sarle

The JOHNNY MAESTRO & THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE story spans virtually the entire rock era. It begins with the Crests in the latter half of the 50's and continues today.

Johnny Maestro began his career singing with The Crests. Their first records ("My Juanita" and "Sweetest One") generated some regional response but "Sixteen Candles" brought them national recognition. Even though a string of hits followed, the group disbanded in 1962. Johnny began working with the Del-Satins, a local New York City vocal group. The Del-Satins had several releases ("Teardrops Follow Me" - a local hit) and had done studio work with several artists and were most notably the background vocalists on all of Dion's solo efforts. While working the local club scene, Johnny & the Del-Satins met the Rhythm Method - a 7 piece band - and they all decided to merge, thus creating the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge received a gold record for "The Worst That Could Happen" and performed on countless television and concert venues. Other hits followed "Welcome Me Love", "Blessed Is The Rain", "Your Husband, My Wife", "You'll Never Walk Alone". By 1972, the Brooklyn Bridge had sold over ten million records and established Johnny Maestro as one of the premier vocal talents of his era.

During the 70's, the group went thru both musical and personnel changes - current members are listed above next to photo. The group continues to perform at many major venues and television appearances. The success story of Johnny Maestro & the Brooklyn Bridge has continued throughout the years and will continue to do so.

For more information, check their web site - JOHNNY MAESTRO & THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE

Available CDs & Merchandise:
"Acappella" CD (click on title to see track listing)
"Greatest Hits"
"Johnny Maestro & Brooklyn Bridge 2 CD set"
"The Crests - For Collectors Only"
"The Crests - Greatest Hits" CD
"Christmas Is..." CD (click on title to see track listing)
"Johnny Maestro & Brooklyn Bridge Photo Album"

To contact The Brooklyn Bridge, please call Les Cauchi at 1-631-696-0287 or fax message to 631-696-0288.


Peter Milazzo
Charles DiComo
Mike Levy
Hutch (Roy) Hutchings
Peter DeBenedetto

THE ENCOUNTERS originated in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, mid 1963. By the end of the year they had a recording contract with Swan Records and recorded an original, "Don't Stop", written by Joe Venneri (Tokens) & Billy Carlucci (Billy & the Essentials).

From 1963 to 1979 the group entertained in the Laurel's Country Club, The NY Hilton and the Friars Club as well as hundreds of corporate and private affairs. THE ENCOUNTERS were semi-retired from 1980 to 1991 and regrouped to perform December 1, 1991. Since reuniting THE ENCOUNTERS have appeared on ABC's "One Life To Live" and have made several appearances on major radio shows such as Don K. Reed's Doo Wop Shop, Mickey B's Juke Box Revue and Dennis Falcone's Remember Then. They have also appeared on an impressive list of venues that include Gracie Mansion in NYC and Atlantic City casinos - The Sands and The Claridge!

They have appeared with or opened shows for Earl Lewis & the Channels, Speedo & The Cadillacs, Arlene Smith & the Chantels, Lenny Coco & The Chimes, The Duprees, Randy & The Rainbows, The Emotions, The Devotions, The Dubs, Larry Chance & The Earls, Freddie Scott, Johnny Maestro &The Brooklyn Bridge, Emil Stucchio & the Classics, The Jive Five, The Passions, The Fireflies, The Harptones, The Monotones, Vito Piccone & the Elegants, The Five Discs and the Quotations.

For more information, check their web site - The Encounters

"Ambassadors of Acappella" CD (click on title to see track listing)
"Don't Stop" CD (click on title to see track listing)
"Starlight Serenade Vol. 8 (Compilation)" CD (click on title to see track listing)
"Sounds of Acappella Vol. 1 (Compilation)" CD (click on title to see track listing)

To contact The Encounters , please call Peter Milazzo at 1-631-754-1103 or Charles DiComo at 1-631-754-6783. They also can be contacted via EMAIL


Joe O'Donnell
Al Loughead
Tom Tait
Frank Maiorano

Like most Doo Wop Acappella groups, 5-3 WOODLAND got started on the street corner. Not just any corner -
the particular corner was 53rd & Woodland Avenue in Philadelphia. Actually, there were two groups -
the 'Old Heads' and the 'Young Boys' - teaching each other and learning from one another. During the 70's and 80's, they saw each other at parties and would sing together to everyone's enjoyment.

In 1993, they got together at the urging of Gene Volpe, an original 'Young Boy', to sing on stage at the Lansdowne Folk Club which had recently been established by a friend, Lee Jones. (By the way, it was Lee who named the group; something for which the group will never forgive him for!) The group has been together since then and has performed in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area.

5-3 WOODLAND has opened for the Tokens, Skyliners, Dovells and Lee Andrews among others. It Ain't Easy is the groups premier CD.

"It Ain't Easy" CD (click on title to see track listing)

5-3 Woodland can be contacted via EMAIL


Frank Ranieri - Lead/First Tenor
Tino Alvarez - Lead/First Tenor
Joe Clements - Lead/Second Tenor
Vito Scaglione - Baritone/Bass

Over 30 years ago, at a high school in Brooklyn, New York, Frankie Ranieri and Vito Scaglione became lifetime friends. The friendship encompassed their love for doo wop music and they are THE FOUR POPS original members.

Frankie & Vito were joined by Tino Alvarez and Joey Clemente, both having an extensive singing backround. Tino has sung with 'The Brooklyn Connection', 'Lar-Kings', 'Norman Fox & the Rob-Roys' and the 'Nutmegs'. Joey has a 30 year career singing doo wop & oldies and sang with the 'Mar-Kays' for eight years.

THE FOUR POPS have opened for numerous groups which include Randy & the Rainbows, the Exciters, Jive Five, Coasters, Del Vikings, Marvelettes and Impalas. They have performed at the Brooklyn Showboat, The NYC Stand-Up Comedy Club, Frank Capra's Top Hat and various other venues throughout the tri-state area.

THE FOUR POPS conclude "We try to sing songs that have touched the hearts of our fans. What we would like to accomplish through our singing is to bring people back in time so they might experience some of the fun and memories they had when they first heard these songs."

•Watch for new CD to be released soon!

The Four Pops can be contacted via
EMAIL or call Joe at 718-768-7818 or Frank at 718-647-8646.


Vernon Britton
Cornell Brown
George Greene
Fred Williams

Around 1950, in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, NY, Vernon Britton, Sam Fickling, Fred Williams and Jerry Halfhide - influenced by the Orioles - formed a group called the Tune Toppers. They obtained a recording contract with Jubilee Records and due to conflicting names, became the Toppers.

At Jubilee, they recorded 'Baby Let Me Bang Your Box' b/w 'You're Laughing 'Cause I'm Crying'. Competition was fierce and the release was not a big seller. Soon after the group reorganized and consisted of Henry Austin, James Brown, Fred Williams, Vernon Britton and Gabriel Gill. They went on to record for King Records, but King Records didn't like the name Toppers and so they became the Hurricanes. In addition to recording as the Hurricanes, they also did back-up sessions - most notably for Jerry Dorn - for which they did not receive any credit. The Hurricanes had eight records released on King. All the recordings were reviewed as 'good', although none became major hits. The Hurricanes enjoyed more success with their live appearances and had many bookings. They played the Apollo, Howard, Royal & Earle Theatres, among others. The Hurricanes even toured Canada for a year! The Hurricanes got the opportunity of a life-time with a spot in a movie - 'Rockin' the Blues'.

Disillusioned with King Records, they were introduced to Jerry Field's Skyline Records. In November of 1958, they released 'Once In A Beautiful Lifetime' backed with 'I Dare You Baby'. These recordings were labeled as Henry Alston, which was Henry Austin and he was backed-up by the Hurricanes. Later Skyline re-released it with the flip of 'What Is There Left For Me'.

Soon after, the Hurricanes became acquainted with Bill Lasley who originated the Memo Records label. He convinced the Hurricanes to become the Memos. Three 45rpm records were release on the Memo label. It was after this that the group disbanded for a variety of reasons.

On May 5th, 2001, the Hurricanes were honored by UGHA (United in Group Harmony Association) with an award and induction into the Hall of Fame. This award establishes recognition for pioneer vocal groups for their overwhelming influence in the evolution of music. The Hurricanes, formed in the 1950's, definitely were a pioneer group that contributed to the popularity of vocal group harmony.

Since then, the Hurricanes have been revived and have received heart-warming accolades from audiences in New York to Pennsylvania! Don't miss this show-stopper!


CD Discography
(Click on titles to view complete track listings.)

Read our exclusive interview with Vernon Britton
To contact The Hurricanes , please EMAIL us.


Eugene Pitt
Bea Best
Art Loria
Maurice Stills
Harold Gil

EUGENE PITT and the JIVE FIVE are one of the finest vocal groups to come out of the golden group era. They feature the original lead singer, Eugene Pitt. Four decades of golden hits with many on the Billboard Top 100 Hits list says it all!

Their popularity and appeal is evident in the many awards & honors they have received. EUGENE PITT and the JIVE FIVE are members of the Vocal Group Hall of Fame, the UGHA Hall of Fame, LI Chapter of Oldies Top Act of 1999, winners of 3 CLEO Awards for Nickelodeon and are one of the most requested acts performing today!

For more information, check their web site - Eugene Pitt & The Jive Five

"My True Story" CD (click on title to see track listing)
"Ambient Sound Doo Wop Album (compilation)" CD (click on title to see track listing)
"Beltone Records (Compilation)" CD (click on title to see track listing)
"History of Rock - For Lovers Only Part 2(Compilation)" CD (click on title to see track listing)
"History of Rock - For Lovers Only Part 3(Compilation)" CD (click on title to see track listing)

To contact The Jive Five , please call Dan Loria at 631-893-5562. They also can be contacted via EMAIL


Lou Martin
  - Lead Tenor
Ron Lutz
  - Lead Tenor
Robert 'Boots' Dove
  - Baritone
Glen Bortz
  - 2nd Tenor
  - Bass Guitar
Ralph McDuffie
  - Tenor Sax
Charlie Helmick
  - Keyboards
Rob Dove
  - Drums
Vince D'Orazio
  - Lead Guitar

The MEMORIES were the original Bob-O-Links from Washington, DC, formed in late 1956. Ron Lutz, Lou Martin and Robert 'Boots' Dove are original members of the Bobolinks, now with the MEMORIES. The name was changed to the Memories in 1961 and they now hail from Maryland. With their 47+ year career, they have performed at thousands of concerts around the country, as well as radio, televsion and Las Vegas.

Early in their careers, the MEMORIES discovered that they possessed exceptional musical chemistry. In 1960, Hi Ho Records released their first recording 'I Promise' , which was follwed by 'Love Bells' in 1961. Other records followed - such as 'When You Dance' for the Aladdin Record label and the album series 'America's Music'.

From the beginning of their remarkable career, the MEMORIES have had but one goal in mind - to provide exceptional listening and dancing music for those who enjoy going back to a time when growing up was just a lot of innocent fun. Perhaps even more remarkable than its diversity is the authenticity with which the MEMORIES delivers their large scope of material. They posses both a knowledge and affection for so many various forms of music, and reflect an intuition for knowing what to perform. This combination of talents have afforded the Memories an extraordinary level of success.

For more information, check their web site - The Memories

Memories email: THE MEMORIES


Alfred 'Alf' Innella
Jerry 'Speedo' Frulio
Joey Orlando
Dennis Harrington
Bob Zelenka
Alan 'Mr Tone' Tohn

The REFLECTIONS all came from the same Rosedale, Queens neighborhood. After many years, they have reunited to once again perform as the REFLECTIONS.

As in many neighborhoods at the time, singing groups were formed, dissolved and reformed with singers moving about to find the right combination of sound and dedication. Alfred, Jerry, Joey, Dennis and Bob had all been members of other groups and they came together to form the REFLECTIONS.

Echo, electricity, heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer - Rosedale Station was the perfect place to sing. This was the place the REFLECTIONS practiced on a regular basis. Practice paid off - with releases on Crossroads Records. They released two 45rpms - 'Maybe Tomorrow' b/w 'I Really Must Know' and 'Because of You' b/w 'Rocket to the Moon'

The records received some air play and the group made personal appearances, catching the attention of a New York disc jockey who wanted to promote the group REFLECTIONS. Management and the disc jockey could not come to terms and so the group became disenchanted and broke up a short time later. About a year later, REFLECTIONS reformed and practiced on a regular basis. Families and life took precedence and once again the group was dissolved - everyone going in their own direction.

In 1986, a Rosedale Reunion was being planned. By this time, most of the group members lived in other states and hadn't been in touch for years. The band that perfomed at the reunion was the Satins - Joe Orlando of the Satins was an original member of the group REFLECTIONS! And all of the members of the orignal group were at the reunion also! They found a place to sing in the building and much to their surprise, their first attempt was on-key and never sounded better!! The united REFLECTIONS even performed a few songs with the Satins that night. Later that week, they all revisited the Rosedale Station only to find it locked - but the underpass of the station had a nice echo and they spent the rest of the afternoon singing.

Even though they all lived in different states, the guys kept in touch by telephone. Once in a while they would reunite and sing together. In the spring of 2002, the guys decided to get back together again as the group - REFLECTIONS. At this time, they added the newest member - Alan Tohn - songwriter and arranger.

Be sure to check out Rosedale Station Revisited, Reflections latest CD.

•Maybe Tomorrow b/w I Really Must Know - Crossroads Records # 401 - 1961
•Because of You b/w Rocket to the Moon - Crossroads Records # 402 - 1962
"Rosedale Station Revisited" CD (click on title to see track listing).

To contact the Reflections, please call Bobby at 603-536-4769. They also can be contacted via EMAIL


Tommy Mara
Kenny Galeano
Connie Demmo
Tony Laura
Joe Pizzo

TOMMY and the SAINTS have been overwhelming the oldies circuit in the Tampa Bay area for quite some time!

Kenny Galeano originally formed the Saints on Long Island with Tom Foy. Together with Lola Foy, Andy Kachiounes (baritone) and Ronnie Cassella (guitar) the Saints enjoyed performing. Eventually their lives took them in different directions. Kenny relocated to Florida and started the 'new' Saints. In the early 1990's, Kenny met Tommy Mara and was quite impressed with his magnificent vocal talent. And, as they say, the rest is history!

Within time, the Saints (Florida), adopted the name TOMMY and the SAINTS, so as not to confuse the New York Saints with the Florida Saints. Both groups are good friends and support each other...thanks to Kenny.

Tommy Mara has always been involved in the music entertainment field. His career has encompassed several genres of music, leaving a great impression with each and every one of his performances. Without a doubt, Tommy has made his mark on the oldies circuit - his passion, vocal ability and unforgettable performances are a force to be reckoned with! For a complete history of Tommy Mara, check the TOMMY and the SAINTS web site!

An impressive list of celebrities that TOMMY and the SAINTS have opened for include: Little Richard, Original Drifters, Johnny Maestro & the Brooklyn Bridge, Joey Dee & the Starlighters, Larry Chance & the Earls, Jay Black & the Americans, Little Anthony & the Imperials, Rascals, Lou Christie, Dion & the Belmonts, Three Dog Night, Johnny Thunder, Tina Turner, Lionel Richie and the list goes on and on and on!!!

Be sure to check out Tommy & the Saints CD From the Heart.

For more information, check their web site - Tommy & the Saints

"From the Heart" CD (click on title to see track listing)

To contact Tommy & the Saints, please call Tommy at 352-686-7640. They also can be contacted via EMAIL


Richie DiLallo - 1st Tenor, 2nd Tenor, Lead
Anthony Antonelli - 1st Tenor, 2nd Tenor, Lead
Barry Feterman - 1st Tenor, Baritone, Lead, Impressions
Tony DiBetta - Baritone, 1st Tenor, 2nd Tenor, Lead

SounTrac, a vocal harmony singing ‘show group’ delights their audiences with rich, lush, unique four part harmonies, performing hits from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s to our more contemporary favorites of today. This four man ‘army of artists’ create genuine four part harmonies of bass, baritone, 1st tenor & 2nd tenor & falsetto sounds.

SounTrac brings to the stage decades of experience and a broad range of sounds, personality and humor. SounTrac comes on stage and 'breaks into a show' where group member Barry Feterman goes into singing impressions of Roy Orbison, Frankie Valli, Bee Gee’s, Sonny & Cher, to name a few, all with a comic flair and realistic tone that will leave your head shaking in disbelief.

Amazing vocals create a wonderful style and fantastic night of entertainment. This is what you call a real ‘variety act’. Collectively, the group has opened and or appeared on stage with such acts as The Duprees, Vito Piccone and the Elegants, Baby Washington, Larry Chance and The Earls, Barbara Harris and the Toys, Eugene Pitt and the Jive Five, Frankie Lymons Teenagers, Tony Orlando and Bobby Rydell, and comedians Pat Cooper & Red Buttons.

SounTrac is a must hear and must see great group! All together, SounTrac has a unique, rich sound that spans generations. Their performances include plenty of personality, lush harmonies, a lot of laughs! SounTrac is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

• Evolution CD
• Transition CD

For more information, check their web site - Sountrac
Sountrac can be contacted via EMAIL or call Anthony at 631-327-3668.


In Memory of Al Crowd

Pictured left to right:
Gene Minor - Baritone Lead
Daryl Miller - 2nd Tenor Lead
Al Crowd - Tenor Lead
Ron Simmons - Bass Lead

When you see and hear THINGS TO COME, their energy and level of enjoyment is apparent! They still enjoy performing after 32 years together; they started as The Plazas in 1966 at Springfield Gardens High School in Queens, NY. Through military service, disco, musical backup, studio recordings and revolving members, the original members - Al, Gene & Ron - united with Daryl and decided to stick with acappella. Each member steps forward to do 'lead', each with his own style and flair.

THINGS TO COME have received the UGHA 'Rookie Group of the Year' award in 1992, 'Veteran Group of the Year' award in 1993, and were First Place Winners of the New York Regional Harmony Sweepstakes in 1994. They have performed at most major venues on the East Coast!

THINGS TO COME also had the honor to perform with Harry Douglas as the 'The Deep River Boys' on many occasions. Their CD 'First Things First' includes many of the tracks they perform in concert, as well as including tracks with Harry Douglas.
Pictured above, left to right, Gene, Daryl, Al & Ron.

"Together We Stand" CD Clifton 3033 (click on title to see track listing)
"First Things First" CD Clifton 3017 (click on title to see track listing)
"Somewhere" b/w "Gypsy Woman" 45rpm Clifton 107
"Java Jive" b/w "Return To Sender" 45rpm Clifton 108
"Go For What You Know" (written by Gene Minor) 12 inch Single